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Hi, I am Eline!

I am a visual designer

Check out some of my work down below or go to my LinkedIn page.

About me

An enthousiast for everything related to concepting, sketching, social media, video, photoshop, make-up and cats.
I recently graduated for my bachelor in Communication & Multimedia design with a content design profile. I did my graduation internship at Daadkr8 Marketing and learned what you can do marketing wise with the visual designs you create. I previously gained storyboarding, video, animation and project management experience at #hekje during a normal internship and later on through freelance work for them.

Now that I graduated I am looking for an interesting job where I can expand my skills as a visual designer and also learn more about marketing and public relations. 

Programs I like

Facebook video campaigns

By: Daadkr8 Marketing, Debora Wolffenbuttel and Me Using: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After effects

My graduation project was a research study about the role of video within online marketing campaigns. For the scope of this project I picked out Facebook video's. I did this graduation project at Daadkr8 Marketing. After finding out what a good video needs I concepted, produced, edited and put live video's for Harold Lintsen rijopleiding and Pennekamp fietsen. 

Facebook video campaign - ouder video

Meraki Cosmetics

By: Me Using: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop , Adobe After effects, Mailchimp

I am currently working part time for Meraki Cosmetics. I assist where needed, create newsletters with mailchimp, do things for social media and we are currently working on a video marketing campaign.

Meraki cosmetics nieuwsbrief

YouTube & Instagram specialist

By: Me Using: Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop , Adobe After effects, Adobe Lightroom

During my study I wanted to improve my Adobe Premiere and Photoshop skills so I made myself a YouTube channel and Instagram account. I picked beauty as the subject because of my background as a make-up artist. I also wanted to get better at networking and the PR events I go to for my Instagram are helping with this. You can check out my account at @elinevanlent ! 

youtube and instagram 4


By: #hekje, Séverine Oudhof , Debora Wolffenbuttel and Me

While doing my internship and working at #hekje I helped and created several animation video's. I worked for Parts catalog Generator, Make or Buy, Fleurbaaij Akoestiek and more. I also created the entire christmas animation of 2015 with the two other interns Debora and Séverine that where doing their internship at the same time. This was a great project to learn more about teamwork, concepting, creating assest and animate them. To check out all the animation's you can browse the #hekje vimeo account.

Animation 1
Animation 2
Animation 3