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Hi, I'm Eline!

I am a content designer.

Check out some of my work down below or go to my LinkedIn page.

About me

An enthousiast for everything related to concepting, sketching, animation, video, photoshop, make-up and cats.
I recently graduated for my bachelor in Communication & Multimedia design with a content design profile. I did my graduation internship at Daadkr8 Marketing and learned what you can do marketing wise with the visual designs you create. I previously gained storyboarding, video, animation and project management experience at #hekje during a normal internship and later on through freelance work for them.

Now that I graduated I am looking for an interesting job where I can expand my skills as a content designer and become part of a creative team.

Send me a message if you want to chat, have a job lead or want to go for a coffee.

Programs I enjoy working with

Video production

By: #hekje and Me Using: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After effects

While doing my internship and working at #hekje I helped with the filming and editing of many video's. I worked for Innovate Arnhem, Jan Linders, 2keer, De basis fluvius, HAN, Fashion and design festival Arnhem and many more while interning and working at #hekje. You can check out the video's on the vimeo acount from #hekje.

Video production - Burgers zoo
Video production - Rijnstate
Video production - Jan Linders

Facebook video campaign

By: Daadkr8 Marketing, Debora Wolffenbuttel and Me Using: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After effects

While doing my graduation project at Daadkr8 Marketing I concepted, produced, created assets and edited video’s for a campaign for Harold Lintsen rijopleiding. This driving school was looking for promotion and since I was studying video’s on social media for my project this client was a good fit to include. A bit more about my graduation project can be found on the website of Daadkr8 marketing.

Facebook video campaign - ouder video


By: #hekje, Séverine Oudhof , Debora Wolffenbuttel and Me

While doing my internship and working at #hekje I helped and created several animation video's. I worked for Parts catalog Generator, Make or Buy, Fleurbaaij Akoestiek and more. I also created the entire christmas animation of 2015 with the two other interns Debora and Séverine that where doing their internship at the same time. This was a great project to learn more about teamwork, concepting, creating assest and animate them. To check out all the animation's you can browse the #hekje vimeo account.

Animation 1
Animation 2
Animation 3