Facebook video campaigns

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The concept phase when through several iterations. In the end we decided on 3 sorts of video's for two different clients from Daadkr8 Marketing. These 3 video's where all edited in different ways to make them suitable for A/B testing on Facebook. I used the Design thinking method throughout the entire project to guide myself. 


For the producing of all the video's I had help from the video company #hekje. Sometimes we went out with the entire team for filming! I directed most of the video's but in one I had to act so #hekje took direction after I completed the script and storyboard. 


I edited all the video's myself and I used Adobe Premiere Pro and After effects for this. One of the big things I learned with this project is the use of subsequences and how to benefit from them! 

Facebook advertising 

When we finally had all the video's ready I created the Facebook campaigns in Facebook advertising with Dion from Daadkr8 Marketing. Dion guided me a load in this area because he is an expert in this field. We left the campaigns live for about a week and then I analysed the results. 


As a final result I wrote a white paper for Daadkr8 marketing containing all the do's and don't for video on Facebook. This white paper is ment to give clients the knowledge about why it is important to have a good concept for a video and that they can use their video for online marketing. 

You can check all the video's from Harold Lintsen rijschool here on his Facebook page or read more about the project here.

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